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ABOUT FITTER FOR is currently a boxing for fitness course which combines an alternative theme within its sessions. is at the very beginning of a journey to help people from a variety of backgrounds, and designs Bespoke courses to meet both individual and group needs. Ben Cookson, the founder of, would like to specifically help people with issues around Mental Health, Addiction and Trauma although would like to grow into a Christian Organisation that offers something for everyone and is very passionate about this. Ben is currently working with a number of organisations to form partnerships, that can help to support participants after completion of upcoming courses.

As well as offering both Mental and Physical benefits it is hoped that all participants in the future will be connected to something that will enhance their futures.

Ben Cookson is qualified as a boxing for fitness coach and has trained in Counselling, Suicide, Mental Health, safeguarding and has various first aid qualifications and combines many factors around these within the courses.

Get fit AT your own pace

Safety is of paramount importance on our courses with regular well being check in and hydration periods. All the basic boxing skills are taught slowly and thoroughly and all bodyweight exercises are adaptable and achievable whatever your fitness level. We aim as much as possible to cater for individual fitness goals whether individually or as part of a group.

promoting healthy relationships aims in all its courses to promote healthy relationships. There is opportunity to build friendships by working in partnerships with others and maintaining each others safety as the courses progress.

Technical training for a great core workout. Lots of rotational movement and two level changes.
A 3 minute round of 3, 5 and 7 punch combinations for a cardio workout.
More cardiovascular work for Shaun, currently training for the British military.